How do I get something Printed?

Phone: (843) 331- (843) 331-6960

How do I buy Items?

I have many ways to recive payments for items. Contact me and will see what you need and what needs to be done for shipping.

Are downloads free?

Everything is free to download! I don't sell any of the items as digital files. They are open source and I ask they stay open source. Only items people ask me to make are pay items.

you make Veterans free Medical related parts?

Yes ! To a point! Nothing life saving or of a medical nature you need to survive! I have made parts for robotic hands, prosthetic hands, prosthetic feet, prosthetic legs, power chairs, shower chairs, Lifts, Shoe Parts. Anything medical related you need a quick fix for so you can use it! It takes forever at times to get things fixed with all the red tape! So I offer a printed or milled part for free if it's in the relm of being safe to use and makeable!


I normaly ship parts in flat rate shipping boxes by the USPS.

Do you print files for people?

Yes! I'm part of the SC 3d printing Network! When you request a printed item on some webpages to get a person to print it I will get local requests. I take direct requests as well!

What types of files do you Except?

DAWG,STL,OBJ,SKP just to name a few! Pretty much anything CAD or object based I can open and use. I do not except BMP and PDF formats!