This is actually a functional AR 15 lower. This lower is to be made and used at your own wrisk. It has been printed in Nylon at 100% infil with Water Release Supports.

Because of the nature of the item. This item has to be printed by the owner of new item with there own 3d printer as stated by fedral law.

Ar15 Lower.STL
This is a 3d printed buffer plug for a CMMG 22L riffle conversion.

$9.00 To Have This Item Printed

This is a forward assist for a CMMG BCG for 22L for a AR15.

$10.00 To Have This Item Printed

Forward Assist.STL
This is a CMMG 22l Clear chamer tag. Just put what ever marker you want on the loop to know it's cleared. Notched to fully close on CMMG BCG to keep out crap!

$6.00 To Have This Item Printed

Clear Round AR15-22 v2.STL
This is so you can use your 5.56 Charging handle with a CMMG 22L BGC without having to worry about shells being stuck in the channel. push it in and put in your handle ready to go!

$1.00 To Have This Item Printed

Charging Handle.STL